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RACC Motorsport

From 2010 until today I have the pleasure of being the photographer of the “Volant RACC”, the oldest rally trophy in our country. I have also written articles published in print media such as Autohebdo Sport.
The RACC’s formula for promoting young talent in the world of rallying has given drivers like Dani Solà (2002 JWRC Champion).



In the same way since 2010 to 2019 I have published the reports of all the rallies and hillclimbs of Catalonia in the written magazine AUTOhebdo SPORT, the most read media in the world of motorsport in Spain. I have also published reports of Spanish Hillclimb Championship that has been held in Catalonia, such as Alp2500 Hillclimb.


FCA | Catalan Automobile Federation

Between 2016 and 2019 my photos can be found illustrating some of the rally and hillclimb reports of the Catalan Automobile Federation on its website and social networks.


From 2019 to the present, it is a pleasure to collaborate with one of the most important digital media in the world of classic cars in our country. Some of my photos can be viewed in his reports, especially of the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique.
For the moment I have also written an article for their website, such as the one from the last Rally Estonia.


Other media

My photos have reached several other digital publications, such as the well-known newspaper Marca or the catalan digital media called Nació

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